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  • 经验总结,学习笔记记录,问题分析、解决过程记录。
  • 整理思路,梳理逻辑,提高文档写作能力和语言表达能力。
  • 分享收获快乐,受到他人博客文章的帮助之后,也希望自己的笔记能帮助到他人。
  • 加深对技术知识的理解,即使看过别人的分析,也要自己理解之后用语言表达出来。
  • 建立个人品牌,每个人都有自己的品牌,无论是找工作还是结交朋友,原创博客都是一个不错的个人名片。
  • 结交志同道合的业内朋友,互相交流学习。
  • 功能纯粹,可定制性强,没有铺垫盖地的广告、内容审核等。
  • 排版简单,使用Markdown语言编写,书写即排版,可以更专注于内容本身。
  • 文章可能不会经常更新,但每一篇都是精心编写。
  • 提醒自己不忘初心,当自己不想写博客时,再看看这篇文章,希望能想起开这个博客的意义。


  • 单片机点灯小能手,初级电子工程师。
  • 电子行业从业者,玩得了烙铁,也写的了代码,
  • 热爱ARM开发,也尝试RISC-V架构。
  • 关注物联网、智能硬件、电子产品相关资讯。
  • 开发板试用评测,DIY制作。
  • 业余摄影玩家,旅行,看电影。


  • E-Mail:wangchao149@foxmail.com
  • 微信号:wcc149
  • 公众号:mcu149


  1. 这个博客是从黄玄 Hux Blog的博客Fork的,特此感谢。
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Wang Chao's blog

One night I burned all my memories, and then my dream became transparent. One morning I threw away all yesterday, and then my steps became light.

Why build this independent blog

  • Experience summary, learning note taking, problem analysis and solution process recording.
  • Sort out ideas, sort out logic, improve document writing ability and language expression ability.
  • Share and harvest happiness. With the help of other blog articles, I hope my notes can help others.
  • To deepen the understanding of technical knowledge, even if you have seen other people’s analysis, you need to understand it yourself and express it in language.
  • To build a personal brand, everyone has their own brand. Whether it’s job hunting or making friends, the original blog is a good personal card.
  • Make like- minded industry friends, exchange and learn from each other.
  • Pure function, strong customizability, no advertising, content audit and so on.
  • Typesetting is simple. It is written in markdown language. Writing is typesetting. You can focus more on the content itself.
  • Articles may not be updated frequently, but each one is carefully written.
  • Remind yourself not to forget the original intention. When you don’t want to write a blog, look at this article again, hoping to remember the significance of opening this blog.

About me

  • MCU light small expert, junior electronic engineer.
  • Practitioners in the electronic industry can play with soldering iron and write code,
  • Love ARM development and try RISC-V architecture.
  • Pay attention to the information related to the Internet of things, intelligent hardware and electronic products.
  • Development board trial evaluation, DIY production.
  • Amateur photographer, travel, movie.

Contact me

  • E-Mail:wangchao149@foxmail.com
  • WeChat: wcc149
  • Official Account:mcu149


  1. This blog is from the blog fork of Huang Xuan Hux blog, thank you.
  2. The domain name is purchased from Alibaba cloud, and the pictures are stored in Alibaba cloud OSS.
  3. Thank you Jekyll, GitHub page.